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From Sebastian Klenk <>
Subject Re: RES: TCP-FIN problem
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 17:36:53 GMT
I already send some more code, and if it helps the (FIN,ACK) comes from 
tomcat and my app responds with a (ACK) imediatelly, then the connection 
is closed. but it takes aproximatly 30 seconds till the (FIN,ACK) is 
send after all data has been send.
So it looks like this:

... connection established ...
APP: request > :TOMCAT
APP: < data    :TOMCAT
... 30 sec. ...
... connection closed

Philipp Taprogge wrote:
> Hi!
> Sebastian Klenk wrote:
>> actually i thought that tomcat was supposed to close the connection 
>> after all data has been send - if not this explains a lot!
> It does, but TCP handshakes are no one-way street.
> I can only do wild guesses from here, but what I think is happening is 
> this: after tomcat sends the last chunk of data, your application does 
> not release it's hold on the connection, just like as it wants to send 
> more data toward tomcat. After not doing so for a given time (60 
> seconds) tomcats assumes that the client on the other side has died and 
> reaps the connection.
> In your code, what is "Receiver"? Where do you get it from?
>     Phil
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