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From Sebastian Klenk <>
Subject Re: RES: TCP-FIN problem
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 17:04:33 GMT
actually i thought that tomcat was supposed to close the connection 
after all data has been send - if not this explains a lot!

         try {

             int c;
             while(-1 != (c = /* here I'm "waiting" 
until the connection is closed! */

         }catch (EOFException e){
         }catch (Exception e) {
             System.out.println("getServer() : Exception Cought: " + 
             return null;

Philipp Taprogge wrote:
> Hi!
> Sebastian Klenk wrote:
>> I didn't do anything ... the only problem I have is that my app. is 
>> not very fast, and that is because it has to wait for tomcat to close 
>> the connection, but tomcat closes the connection a lot later (ca 1 
>> minute).
>> My question is now if there is a way to tell tomcat that all data has 
>> been written an that the connection can be closend!?
> Your problem is not tomcat, but the application. Tomcat uses a default 
> timeout of 60 seconds on the socket. But what seems to happen in your 
> case is not tomcat causing that timeout, but _experiencing_ it.
> Your application is not closing the connection properly and tomcat keeps 
> it open until the timeout occurs. Could you perhaps post more 
> information on that application? Is it written in Java as well? Perhaps 
> you could post some code snipplets?
>     Phil
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