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From Philipp Taprogge <>
Subject Re: RES: TCP-FIN problem
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 16:53:49 GMT

Sebastian Klenk wrote:
> I didn't do anything ... the only problem I have is that my app. is not 
> very fast, and that is because it has to wait for tomcat to close the 
> connection, but tomcat closes the connection a lot later (ca 1 minute).
> My question is now if there is a way to tell tomcat that all data has 
> been written an that the connection can be closend!?

Your problem is not tomcat, but the application. Tomcat uses a default 
timeout of 60 seconds on the socket. But what seems to happen in your 
case is not tomcat causing that timeout, but _experiencing_ it.
Your application is not closing the connection properly and tomcat 
keeps it open until the timeout occurs. Could you perhaps post more 
information on that application? Is it written in Java as well? 
Perhaps you could post some code snipplets?


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