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From James Neville <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Help, only viewing source of my index.jsp page - Apache 2.0.48 Tomcat 4.1.29 mod_jk_1.2.5_2.0.47.dll
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 14:45:43 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote:

> >     JkMount /mscarloans/*.jsp  ajp13
> This line maps all JSP files in the /mscarloans/ tree to be sent to 
> Tomcat for processing. There doesn't appear to be any other JkMount 
> for this VirtualHost. I think you want thic changed to something like:
> JkMount /*.jsp ajp13 

AFAIK, this only maps jsp's in the root of the webapp.
I had a similar problem to this earlier in the month, best way to mount 
*all* jsps in the webapp would be:-

JkMount */*.jsp ajp13

I still fail to grasp why *.jsp or /*.jsp shouldn't work, but it doesn't :(


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