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From Jerry Ford <>
Subject Re: localhost works, www does not; why?
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 15:41:56 GMT
Thanks.  Problem has been solved.

In httpd.conf, the Tomcat configs were enclosed in a virtual host 
block.  When I removed the <VirtualHost > ... </VirtualHost> tags, the 
problem went away and it now works correctly.

BTW, I also observed the changing URL; that, too, has gone away.


Adam Hardy wrote:

> On 12/16/2003 05:55 PM&nbsp;jford wrote:
>> This may have been asked many times before, but I can't find it, in 
>> part because I don't quite know what to search for and in part 
>> because it may not even be a Tomcat-specific issue.
>> But it occurs because I'm trying to make Tomcat work, so here goes... 
>> (if I'm wrong and the question needs to be redirected, I'm sure 
>> someone will politely point it out to me :)
>> I have Apache 1.3.27 and Tomcat 4.1.27 running under Red Hat 9.0 
>> Linux.  The two webservers are connected by mod_jk.
>> When I go to http://localhost from the browser on the Linux box, I 
>> get Apache's index page.
>> http://localhost:8080 gets me Tomcat's index page.
>> And http://localhost/examples gets me the Tomcat examples directory 
>> listing with an Apache port 80 slug at the bottom.  When I drill down 
>> to the examples themselves, they work.
>> So I know the Apache->mod_jK->Tomcat connection is correctly configured.
>> But when I try it from the live web, using my domain name, I cannot 
>> get to the Tomcat pages.
>> gets me my website.
>> gets me Tomcat's index page, and, 
>> again, I am able to drill down into the examples themselves and they 
>> work.
>> But and 
>> get me  404 page 
>> not found errors.
>> My webserver sits behind a Netgear firewall router, which has been 
>> configured to allow ports 80, 8080, and 8009 to get through to the 
>> webserver.
>> Can somebody tell me what I"m doing wrong?
> There is another thread on this subject called "url changing to 
> localhost" where the poster mentioned something about Apache's 
> ProxyPass setting. No idea what it is myself, but it might help :)
> Adam

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