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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: session attributes seems don´t work with Mozilla 1.4
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2003 15:06:36 GMT
On 12/15/2003 04:02 PM Edson Alves Pereira wrote:
> 	Hello folks, i´m using Mozilla 1.4 and i just create a session
> atribute named "Var_Blah" with value "here my value" and made my JSP page
> show its value, like <%= ( String )session.getAttribute( "Var_Blah" ) %>.
> 	But it didn´t work, my browser window is modal, any idea?

Well you must have lost the session id info then. When you first start a 
session you should see the jsessionid variable in the browser URL, and 
probably also in a cookie.

You don't say how you are going from your first page to your second 
page, so I couldn't say any more. But if you have cookies disabled and 
you are just requesting the same page via a bookmark or some fixed URL, 
you will definitely lose the session.

struts 1.1 + tomcat 5.0.16 + java 1.4.2
Linux 2.4.20 Debian

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