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From Philipp Taprogge <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.1.29 war unpacking problems
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2003 22:55:48 GMT

In tomcat 4 you have to either restart tomcat after you drop the war 
in it's webapps directory or manually install the webapp using the 
tomcat manager (the path to war file should be relative to the webapps 
dir, so if you drop the war there, you can just enter it's name and 
press install button).


Joe Francis wrote:
> Possible newbie question, but I have not found any faqs addressing this:
> I just did a vanilla install of 4.1.29 on a linux box.  Connecting to 
> localhost:8080 seems to work fine and I can run the example servlets, 
> etc.  In netbeans I made a trivial servlet that just spits back some 
> helloworld html.  It works within netbeans' built-in tomcat.  I export 
> this as a .war file, and copy it into tomcat's webapps folder (the real 
> tomcat, not the netbeans one).  Nothing happens, ie., I cannot access 
> that servlet via tomcat, and examining the webapps/ directory reveals 
> that the war file was not unpacked.  I stopped and restarted tomcat - 
> still no love.
> If I manually inflate the war file inside of webapps/ROOT, then I have a 
> working servlet.
> I've looked at conf/server.xml and verified that the unpackWARS and 
> autodeploy settings are both lit.
> Not sure what the next step is, so I thought I'd ask here.  The goal is 
> to be able to simply copy a .war into the right place and have a running 
> tomcat deploy the servlet corerctly.
> cheers,
> -joe
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