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From Philipp Taprogge <>
Subject Re: [WORKAROUND] Re: VERY weird problem with commons-logging and Tomcat5
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2003 13:22:17 GMT

Jacob Kjome wrote:
> You can also use a repository selector.  BTW, do you have log4j.jar 
> *and* commons-logging.jar (not commons-logging-api.jar) in WEB-INF/lib?

Yes, I do, but I have tried several scenarios with and without either of 
them in my WEB-INF/lib.
Also I tried putting/removing them in common/lib and server/lib.
The result was always negative.

Hmm... repository selector... never heared of that. Could you kindly 
point me to some resource about this? Sounds exactly like what I am 
looking for.

Thanks in advance


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