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From Martin Kuba <>
Subject Re: Integrating Apache + Tomcat 5 + jk2
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2003 10:01:43 GMT
Mike Nguyen wrote:
> Hi, I am trying to integrating Apache + Tomcat5+ jk2 on Solaris 9. Does 
> anyone have an example of and file 
> for this configuration? I appreciate it. Thanks.
> Mike

This information is not sufficient, as you can connect mod_jk2
and Tomact in several ways: TCP sockets, unix sockets and JNI.
A basic guide is available in JK documentation:

I am using TCP sockets (easiest option).
I have following in httpd.conf:

LoadModule jk2_module libexec/
<IfModule mod_jk2.c>
   JkSet config:file /etc/httpd/

and following in

info=maps mywebapp to default channel

I hope this helps ...

Supercomputing Center Brno             Martin Kuba
Institute of Computer Science    email:
Masaryk University   
Botanicka 68a, 60200 Brno, CZ     mobil: +420-603-533775

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