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From Clive Jordan <>
Subject Re: force JSP to recompile
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 17:24:10 GMT
Hi Jonathan,

I have not tried on Tomcat 5, but you can force compilation as follows:


Clive wrote:

>My apologies if this question has already been answered.  I've gone 
>through the archives, but haven't found a suitable answer.
>I am running Tomcat 5 in a production environment and have set 
>development=false and reloading=false.  Occasionally, I do have to make a 
>change to a JSP, which then has to be recompiled manually.  I remember 
>reading a while ago that you can append a parameter to the URL to get a 
>JSP to recompile (something like page.jsp?compile=true).  Does this still 
>work in Tomcat 5?  If so, what is the exact parameter?  If there is a 
>better way to do this, I would like to know.  I have read about using Ant, 
>but compiling with a URL parameter would be my preferred method.
>Thanks in advance!

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