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From Dan Johnsson <>
Subject Re: 2 instances of Tomcat
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 23:46:41 GMT
> what about having two JDK?
> Iain

As you have identified, this all falls back on having multiple
production environments (with its own set of installed software of
specific versions) deployed on the same machine.

The good new is that java is multiple-deploy-enabled. I e, the java
binaries does not in any way crave a specific install point, a specific
set of (system global) environment variables being set or anything like

When consulting enterprising running Java I consistently give this piece
of advice regarding install-points and environment variables:

* If you have a single production environment on one machine:
- Prefer a version-dependent install-point (e g c:\j2sdk1.4.2_02 on
windows) and create a version-independent virtual install-point
(short-cut c:\j2se).
- Use a version-independent install-point if you have to
- Set JAVA_HOME on system level to the version-independent virtual
- When updating: install the new version at a ('nother)
version-dependent install-point, redirect your virtual install-point,
and you're ready to go. You will (of course) have to restart your
services that use java, but nothing more drastical then that.

* If you have multiple production environments on the same machine
- Use version-dependent install-points for your different versions
- Never use version-independent install-points
- Do not set JAVA_HOME on system level. Instead, set it in the scripts
that start your different services.
- When updating: install the new version (at its on install-point), and
change the service-start scripts.

OK: now you have your JVMs set up. Time to install Tomcat. Good news:
Tomcat is also multiple-deploy enabled. So, just follow the same rules
(this time the rule referring to CATALINA_HOME).

[An interesting note: by setting CATALINA_BASE to an external directory,
you can easily update tomcat and reuse your configurations and logs (as
long as the format of server.xml have not changed, that is).]

Reboot your machine; start your services; take off

Good luck
	Dan Johnsson, System Architect and Security Consultant
Dan Johnsson               | Säkerhetsarkitekt |
tel 0709-15 88 43          | fax 08-517 008 29
Omegapoint AB - din säkra punkt i tillvaron

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