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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tag Handler pool eating up Memory (and enablePooling is set to false)
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 17:40:16 GMT

> This is strange.  When I created a heap dump from my server
> just now, it does not have any instances of TagHandlerPool
> in the heap dump.  That is what I expected before, but I still
> had them in my last dump.

That is weird. However, you still have a bunch of tag handler instances, 
I see...

> Doing a quick grep on my summary results from the new heap dump,
> I get this result:
>     60256,1076,com/slsideas/pagegen/tags/SetPropertyTag
>     31296,652,com/slsideas/pagegen/tags/ValueTag
> The first column is the total bytes held by the instance inself (not
> including references), the second column is the number of instances that
 > were present in the heap dump, and the last column is the type of
 > the object.

So you have 60k in SetPropertyTag objects? If you use them a lot 
(without pooling), then you'll get a lot of them on the heap at any 
given time. Can you observe that the number keeps going up, and never 
goes down?

> I find it very hard to believe that we have over 2500 active instances
> of our tags.  This seems to imply they are not being garbage collected.

Not necessarily. It might just be that they are taking a while to get 
GC'd. Again, what do you observe over time?

> I don't belive the StringBuffer is the cause of my problems.

Okay, that's good.


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