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From "Cox, Charlie" <>
Subject finding hs_err_pid files on windows 2003 as a service with specif ic user
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 13:37:49 GMT
While this is slightly off topic, I wasted enough time on it that I felt it
necessary to share with others.

I am running tomcat 4.1 as a service on windows 2003(requirement) and I was
having a problem with it crashing. Usually it left an hs_err_pid*.log file
which pointed to a JNI library that I use. The problem was that I could no
longer find these log files(explorer->search) and tomcat seemed to be
crashing with no log, error, or anything.

The thought occurred to me that maybe the user under which tomcat was
running(I recently added this) did not have permission to write the log
file. So I found out that the hs_err_pid* will be written to the current
directory(system32) and if not successful, to the TEMP directory for the

While checking permissions, I found all the hs_err_pid* files in the user's
temp directory. Apparently even if you are an administrator, a search in
windows explorer does not search other user's 'documents and settings'(where
the user's temp directory is located). Here I was expecting "search" to find
the files that are there. What was I thinking? I have not found anything
about this on the net so I don't know how to disable it. 

While you can disable the filtering of unknown extensions in searches in
windows 2003 explorer, that was not my problem as other hs_*.log files were
found in the search results. 

FWIW, apparently "dir /s hs_*.log" in a command prompt still works


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