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From Mike Reed <>
Subject WebDAV - Missing WAR
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2003 17:30:56 GMT
Hi folks -

I'm relatively new to TOMCAT, and I'm having a problem figuring out how 
to install WEBDAV support.

I have two machines - my local box is running Apache 1.3.x that ships 
with OSX.  I have successfully modified it for WebDAV support and 
tested against it - it works great.

I have another machine that I'm using for production web apps, 
including our wiki and a few other apps, all running on TOMCAT.  These 
were not deployed by me, but I can see how they were deployed.

I understand that there's WebDAV support in Tomcat (v5), and I 
understand that I need to deploy it via the tomcat manager.  Problem 
is, I can't find the right "source" to deploy it from.  There's no 
webdav.war file, and there's no webdav directory.  I even re-downloaded 
the tomcat source to make sure I didnt' miss something in my install.

Do I have to rebuild (configure/make) tomcat to get these files?

I'm lost, and don't know what to do.  Any help would be greatly 

I'm relatively new to the list, so if you'd be willing to cc: me 
directly on any replies, I'd appreciate that as well.


Mike Reed

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