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From "Pfingstl Gernot" <>
Subject AW: GlobalNamingResources
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2003 23:44:36 GMT
>	Pfingstl Gernot wrote:
>	> If I define a resource in <GlobalNamingResources> (in server.xml) I
>	> can use this resource in my web-application only if I use
>	> <ResourceLink> in my context. So it seems to me it isn't possible to
>	> use a resource defined in <GlobalNamingResources> unless I permit the
>	> use with a <ResourceLink> in the context or the engine.
>	> 
>	> Is this right??
>	Indeed. You can add the ResourceLink in a DefaultContext with 5.0, for 
>	convinience, if, for example, you want to allow it in a whole virtual 
>	host. I don't remember if I ported the feature and if it's also in 4.1.29.
>	> Is this behaviour specified somewhere or is it subject to change?
>	No, it's not subject to a change. I think it's implied: nowhere it is 
>	written that global resources define stuff in the webapp naming contexts.
there's the paragraph:
	<GlobalNamingResources ...>
	  <Environment name="maxExemptions" value="10"
	         type="java.lang.Integer" override="false"/>
	This is equivalent to the inclusion of the following element in the web application deployment
descriptor (/WEB-INF/web.xml):

The sentence above " equivalent..." can be interpreted in the way, that there no ResourceLink
is needed.

>	> This behavoiur is important to me, becaue I will explicitely permit
>	> (or deny) the access to a global resource per context. Its a security
>	> problem.
>	That's the reason behind the ResourceLink.

Thank you for your answer,

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