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From Tobias Münch <>
Subject WebDAV Problems with Tomcat 4.1.29
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 14:57:12 GMT

I´m using a tomcat 4.1.29 server application on my webserver. I want to
access to this server with a webDAV client. I allready used a couple of
webDAV- Client applications like DAVexplorer, SkunkDAV or Photoshop 6.0 but
the system won´t work without problems. It is no problem to connect to the
server with the client- tool, but some typical webDAV functions will be
without effect. There is no way to lock a file or to move it to another
directory. The Client and also the server don´t generate an error-message or
something like this, it will only be without an effect. I also made tests
with an apache 1.3.20 webserver, an there all functions will be availible.
So I believe the client is not the problem.

Does anybody have an idea what the problem is? I think i have to change the
configuration of the tomcat- server.

Note this: I allready switched on the WebDAV function in the web.xml file.

Thank You

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