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From Sven Köhler <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.0.x memory leak (not javac)
Date Sun, 30 Nov 2003 16:37:49 GMT
>>>> It's a known bug, but not fixed in 4.1.x, it still exists there.  I
>>>> am not sure if it still exists in 5.0.x.
>>> Thanks Dave.  If anyone could provide some more information on this,
>>> that would be helpful.  I would really like to fix it because it's 
>>> really annoying me.  We have two CRITICAL web applications on one 
>>> server.  We don't want to have to continually down the entire tomcat
>>> server just to reload a webapp.
>> Bugs have been filed for this issue against 4.1.x and they have been 
>> marked as WONTFIX.  Best to try to reproduce the problem on 5.0.x and 
>> if the bug still exists there, file a report in bugzilla if one does 
>> not already exist.
> Where can I find this information?  Is there a bugzilla for tomcat or 
> something?  If so, I would like to go there so I can see if there's any 
> information indicating where in the code it would be.  I could go 
> searching myself, but I've never dove into the Tomcat code before! :)

Could you post the bugid or even a link to the bug-report? i'm also 
interested in the porblem.

I would also be interested in a description of the javac-memory-leak. It 
has become a "myth" and nobody can explain it. I don't find a bug-report 
in both Sun's and Tomact's bug-databases.

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