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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: How to go through Apache to have Tomcat act for SSL
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 03:33:09 GMT
Usually there is no need to have a separate worker for the SSL port:  just
send everything through to Tomcat on 8009.  mod_jk2 should send the correct
scheme to Tomcat in either case.

You should be able to use transport-guarantee constraints as normal with
Jk2.  You just have to make certain that the 'redirectPort' attribute is
correctly set on the Jk2 Connector element in server.xml (e.g.

"Peel Gauthier" <> wrote in message
I want to protect some URLs with ssl and liked to use web.xml security
constraints (CONFIDENTIAL).
Evrything is OK with Tomcat alone (port 8080 and 8433, redirect with
sslextension ...)

But I can't make it work with Apache in front.
I use mod_jk2.
How to tell mod_jk2 to transmit both http and https trafic ?
1- http trafic to 8009 (open on Tomcat without scheme="https")
2- https trafic to 8010 (open on Tomcat WITH scheme="https" )

I maybe do things the wrong way.
If Apache had SSl installed, could I stil use web.xml security constraint


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