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From Oscar Carrillo <>
Subject Re: Slow on Linux
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 17:46:26 GMT
I imagine that you could compile an AMD64 kernel, and compile Postgresql
for AMD64. But you still might have a poor performer with a 32-bit jdk.  
You could put Postgresql on a separate AMD64 server and Tomcat on a 32-bit
X86 server, but that may or may not be what you want.

Compiling a kernel for a server is really quite easy, because you don't
need to worry about peripherials like FireWire, USB, etc.

My HowTo describes how to compile PostgreSQL 7.3.4, and it's probably the 
same for 7.4. But I am going to compile 7.4 soon and post the info on my 
web page.


> Yonatan Goraly wrote:
> > I have read that Suse linux team has been working closely with AMD to 
> > support AMD64, and I am going to try their commercial product 
> > (professional edition, $130).
> > I know that SUN plan to have an AMD64 version for the JDK 1.5, which 
> > should be next year.
> > 
> > The reason for choosing the Linux OS is not Java, but the database. I 
> > plan to use PostgreSQL 7.4, and they have a builds for suse x86_64, so 
> > it looks promising.

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