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From "Sylvain MACHEFERT" <>
Subject Install manually Tomcat 4.x + JDK1.3
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 14:36:06 GMT
Hi folks !

I'm new to this list and I didn't find any answer in FAQs and Google :-\

I want to create an all-in-one package (for Windows, using a program like
Inno Setup) which install MySQL, JDK and Tomcat.
It's for users in my company, I want to create this package so they can
install automatically 3 softs and config and JSP/Servlet file and config, so
that a little intranet can be run on their laptop when they visit their

The informations I need are :
* which files are installed, in which dir ? I guess Tomcat go to c:\program
files\apache groupe\tomcat 4.1\ and jdk go to c:\jdk1.3\ but do they install
another dll or other file elsewhere ?
* which environnement variables ? I guess CATALINA_HOME, JAVA_HOME,
TOMCAT_HOME. Is there anything else ?
* Install tomcat as a service... I think I've a lot of solution since I've
found a lot of questions like that on google :-D

but my 2 first question remain unanswered... :-\
I want to install the JDK because I've seen that tomcat is unable to compile
JSP without JDK. And I want JDK and Tomcat not to consume a lot of memory,
as you know laptop are not so fast :-P

So if you know, can you help me please ?

I hope my english is good :-P

Sylvain Machefert

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