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From Valecha Narender <>
Subject multiple applications scenario on tomcat...
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 06:44:19 GMT

--I am new to web applications and services,   I am trying my best to put
the problem I am facing --

I am running three application on tomcat 4.0 (with apache 1.3.27 and mod_jk

first is main application; that calls a servlet running in second

Second application's servlet when called sends a POST request to a servlet
in third application; gets the response and return the response to main.

The strange behaviour is-
If this second application is running on a separate standalone tomcat,
works fine all the time.
If all the three applications are running on same tomcat (that is connected
apache server through mod_jk), it works fine only for first time and every 
attempt after that fails.

With debug logs I was able to figure out that in first go when servlet in 
second application sends a POST request to servlet in third application,
tomcat does
correctly map and call the doPost() of the servlet in third application.
attempt after that fails because tomcat does not call the doPost() of the 
servlet in third application.  Servlet in second application does still send
request for correct URL (i.e. URL of the servlet in third application).  As
of the servlet in third application is not called the http request timesout
after first go...

Any help, comments, advice will be highly appreciated....
I have already spent 3 days trying to figure out how to debug this situation
Any hints/tips/advice on how to debug this situation are also welcome

Thanks and regards,

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