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From "WALKUP, RON [AG/1000]" <>
Subject definition/usage of session-timeout?
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 00:00:03 GMT
    I'm a relatively new Tomcat user, running 4.0.4 (testing on Windows, deploying on Sun
UNIX).  The UNIX servlet is having rare problems "hanging", for which the exact cause is unknown.

I'm trying to see if a session timeout can solve the problem, but have not been able to get
it to work.  Numerous archives talk about this, and it seems like I'm doing what everyone
suggests, but it's not working.

In my web.xml file, I have the following, as a test of one-minute timeout:


I have made a call the HttpSession.getMaxInactiveInterval, and it returns 60 (seconds, I presume),
so I believe the parameter is being applied.  I have tried 2 different approaches to simulate
an "inactive" server:

1)  Manually update a database row (but don't commit) before the servlet call, then have the
servlet try to update the same row
2)  Use Thread.sleep(120000)

In both cases, the 1 minute timeout doesn't do anything.  So what constitutes an "inactive"
session, for which this parameter was designed?  If it likely won't solve my problem, does
anyone have an idea on how I can kill the request after a given amount of time?

much thanks,


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