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From "Karau, Joe" <>
Subject Connections Refused
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2003 17:12:31 GMT
We have started loadtesting the current release of our application, which on
4.1.12 we were able to acheive over 200 concurrent users.  However, our
current version is running on 4.1.24 and has not been able to respond to
more than 100 users.

When we have between 80-100 users using the system, any browser that does
not yet have an active session instantly receives a "page can not be
displayed" error.  However, all existing sessions seem to be plugging away
at a perfectly reasonable pace, withour errors.  

The box has plenty of CPU and memory available to it, and with the heap set
at 1Gig we have plenty left in the heap to use.

We have the "maxProcessers" set at 250, and according to logs we have not
yet reached the max.  We are not specifying a session manager in the webapps
configuration, and from my understanding a default with no max sessions
should be used.

I've searched the web, and the archives and I can't find anything that seems
to help.

If anyone has any ideas and or thoughts, I would really appreciate it.

Joseph Karau 
Kingland Systems 
AIM: jkarau3629 

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