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From "Mohammed Javid - CTD, Chennai." <>
Subject shutdown port not listening
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 09:54:35 GMT

The problem we face is Tomcat started but shutdown port 8005 not listening.
The problem is further explained in little detail below.

We use port 8180 for http , port 8005 is used for shutdown.
For accessing web pages from tomcat by http port 8180(http) and
8005(shutdown) both should be listening.

Sometimes(and frequently on some machines) we face the problem of port 8005
not listening.
When we shutdown the tomcat we checked that found ports 8180 and 8005 both
are not listening. 
And on starting tomcat only port 8180 listens and port 8005 does not

We used the command ps -ef to find that tomcat is started and jvm is up 
ps -ef | grep -i <start script> 
ps -ef | grep -i tc
shows that the tomcat is started and the jvm is up

Command netstat is used to find the ports listening
netstat -a | grep -i <portnumber>
shows that ports 8180 is listening while when tried for port 8005 we find
that port 8005 is not listening

We have following queries:
1)What could be the possible reasons for the port 8005 to not be listening
while tomcat is started and port 8180 is listening.
2)Is it that port 8005 takes long time to start, is there any way to make
8005 listen quickly.

thanks and regards,

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