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From David Rees <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.0.x memory leak (not javac)
Date Sat, 29 Nov 2003 04:22:20 GMT
Trenton D. Adams wrote:
> David Rees wrote:
>> Trenton D. Adams wrote:
>>> We're having a problem with tomcat 4.0.4.  Every time a context
>>> is reloaded it leaks memory.  The oddest thing about this is that
>>> it starts throwing OutOfMemoryExceptions before process list
>>> shows that it's using the memory I allocated to it.
>>> eg. It will throw OutOfMemoryExceptions at like 130M memory usage
>>> when I've allocated 512M for it.
>>> Is this a known bug that's been fixed in 4.1.x?
>> It's a known bug, but not fixed in 4.1.x, it still exists there.  I
>> am not sure if it still exists in 5.0.x.
> Thanks Dave.  If anyone could provide some more information on this,
> that would be helpful.  I would really like to fix it because it's 
> really annoying me.  We have two CRITICAL web applications on one 
> server.  We don't want to have to continually down the entire tomcat
> server just to reload a webapp.

Bugs have been filed for this issue against 4.1.x and they have been 
marked as WONTFIX.  Best to try to reproduce the problem on 5.0.x and if 
the bug still exists there, file a report in bugzilla if one does not 
already exist.


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