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From BAO RuiXian <>
Subject Re: How to stop the URL comming up?
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 11:52:46 GMT

Andoni wrote:

>I am looking for a way to stop my users bookmarking pages in the site.  There is a login
screen and they shouldn't even really be let bookmark this.  I was given someone's card today
an then I went to his site: and when I find that as I look around
the site the url in the URL bar of my browser stays at and never includes
the page name.  This means that all bookmarks only bring up the main page.
>Is there any way to do this with apache / Tocmat?
As long as I know, not Apache nor Tomcat can achieve this. But, you can 
implement this by using frame to design your web pages. Again, this is 
only fool-proof, for experienced users, they can still show your 
sub-frame login page in a separate browser by right-clicking the mouse 
and then book mark it.



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