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From Yonatan Goraly <>
Subject Re: Slow on Linux
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 08:05:03 GMT
I have read that Suse linux team has been working closely with AMD to 
support AMD64, and I am going to try their commercial product 
(professional edition, $130).
I know that SUN plan to have an AMD64 version for the JDK 1.5, which 
should be next year.

The reason for choosing the Linux OS is not Java, but the database. I 
plan to use PostgreSQL 7.4, and they have a builds for suse x86_64, so 
it looks promising.

Nikola Milutinovic wrote:

> Yonatan Goraly wrote:
>> The exact execution time of that line of code is not very relevant, 
>> since the difference is between an interval I can't notice to an 
>> interval I can notice very well - should be at least a factor of x100.
>> I just finished installing RedHat 9 (32 bit), the performance is much 
>> better, and the CPU is working much less. I guess it was something 
>> related to the Mandrake version I had.
>> It still feels slower than what I am used to on Windows, but I have 
>> to make measurements in order to arrive at any conclusions.
> You're using Opteron - that is 64-bit CPU. Why not compile kernel from 
> the source for your desired platform?
> Is there a JRE specifically for Opteron?
> Nix.
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