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From Matthew Boeckman <>
Subject open filehandles
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 20:59:16 GMT
Hello list,

	I have a problem that has occurred under tomcat-4.1.12/j2sdk1.4.1_02 
that caused me to want to ask the group a question. The problem was "Too 
many open files", . In looking into this, 
I notice that Tomcat seems to keep a LOT of open file handles around. 
Let me explain our setup, we run multiple (~12-15) virtual hosts from 
the same tomcat engine, with apache in front handing off via mod_jk, all 
on Linux 2.4.9.

	What I noticed is that Tomcat seems to keep a file handle to every .jar 
file in it's own CLASSPATH (/usr/local/tomcat-4.1.12/shared /commons 
/lib, etc) as well as in the unique hosts' classpath, per unique thread. 
So what I'm seeing is 5000+ file handles open to the same .jar files 
over and over again.

My questions are twofold: Is this tunable/fixable/changeable? Why are 
.jar file handles maintained in an open state indefinately, when 
classfiles/config files etc are not?

Any replies appreciated


Matthew Boeckman			(816) 777-2160
Manager - Systems Integration		Saepio Technologies

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