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From Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n <>
Subject Re: how to customize HTTPSession
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 19:52:13 GMT
Please remember that you can only add cookies to the response BEFORE 
committing the response. That means, if you do write a (big) part of the 
result and Tomcat starts sending it to the browser, you will not be able 
to set any more cookies (or will not be sent to the browser anyway).


Antonio Fiol wrote:

>I am new to the java webapp development. I want to store some user data for my app in
a client side cookie rather than as a server side object and referencing it with a sessionId.
One of the main reasons for that is - we will be running multiple servers load balancing.
Since the HTTPSessions are java container instance specific - I don't want to use them. I
have read about distributed Session support - but it does involve complicated setup and seems
to be a overkill when compared to the data that I want to store.
>Anyway - in that aspect - I have these 2 questions :
>1. Is there a way to override the HTTPSession and HTTPResponse provided by tomcat to save
the contents of the Session as a cookie instead of just storing the sessionId ? 
>2. If I implement my own Session class, and store it as a attribute in the HTTPRequest
object, how can I write the contents of the session as a cookie right before I return the
response ? The way I used to do it in other apps in C++ is to write a destructor for my session
object, which will get called when the request is being terminated and I could write the cookie
in the response. But the java equivalent to destructor "finalize()" is not gauranteed to be
called until the GC wakes up. So how can I make sure I set the cookie after the request is
completely processed?
>Please pardon my ignorance if made any wrong assumptions. 
>I would appreciate any help.
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