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Subject Re: Bit off topic : What happened to RedHat?
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 00:26:01 GMT

Thanks. Since they are servers (Apache + TC4 + database setup) , most
are custom installs without the bloat ware. 
In any case, BSD-Unix is *my* only other acceptable choice, so there's
no flame war ;-)
I've not come across anyone willing to stick his neck out on NT/W2000
$erver running Apache and TC4.
Think I might just splurge and *buy* a copy of RH9.

And now this is very strange indeed: I was asked to implement a WLAN,
and after some research, I found that 3Com does *not support*
Linux/Unix, I got it from the local-presales. On the other hand Linksys
is very proud of the ease with which people can integrate their wireless
routers with Linux...
Is this your experience ?

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