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From Mike Klein <>
Subject Problems with tomcat server hostname mapping and ant tasks...server redirect problems
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2003 20:38:32 GMT
As my tomcat is behind a firewall and not publicly visible (I use Apache 
connector) I had selected localhost as the engine name and host name.

All of my tomcat functionality is working: manager, admin, jsps under 
docroot, axis, struts, blah blah.

My tomcat version is 4.1.27, and it is using an internal ip of and internal hostname of mother.

For some reason, when I attempt using the tomcat ant list task from a 
remote laptop, I get the message:

tools\build.xml [177] Server redirected too 
many  times (20)

It doesn't work whether I give a url of "http://mother:8080/manager" or 
"". I have tried changing engine's 
defaultHost and host names to "localhost", "mother", and "" 
to no avail.

Yet I can remotely (via internal lan) issue the manager list command 
from any of my web browsers and it works just fine.

The following is output from catalina_ log:

2003-11-14 12:46:06 StandardEngine[Standalone]: Mapping server name 'mother'
2003-11-14 12:46:06 StandardEngine[Standalone]:  Trying a direct match
<goes on 18 more times>

Based on my understanding of host mapping, if request doesn't match a 
specific host name, then defaultHost property of engine is used. This 
doesn't seem to be happening though.

It seems the ant task functionality has worked before and as far I know 
I haven't made any server.xml changes that would cause it to cease 
working. It's wierd that I can invoke this same url from browser and 
data is returned.

Any ideas?

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