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From Robert Jacolin <>
Subject Re: [SOLUTION] Problem of authentication with tomcat/IIS on win NT4
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 14:05:55 GMT
Robert Jacolin wrote:

> Hi,
> I installed jakarta-tomcat-4.0.6 on WIN NT4 with IIS 4. I've following 
> the manual to make tomcat and IIS to work together (with the isapi 
> filter). My application works like I want except that authentification 
> doesn't work.
> In IIS, I've enabled WIN NT authentication (basic authentication and 
> WIN auth.) for jakarta and baseope (name of my application) virtual 
> directory but when I look the request in my application, the REMOTE 
> USER field is null !
> This application worked very well on this same system with tomcat 
> 4.0.1. Moreover I installed this application on WIN 2000 and it works 
> well.
I found why my application didn't work. In the tomcat 4.0.x jar, there 
is a tomcat-ajp.jar in server/lib. This file seems remove the REMOTE 
USER field in the request between IIS and tomcat. When I patched tomcat 
to copy ajp files (in conf/ntiis, ...), I see it copy a ajp.jar which 
contains the same classes than tomcat-ajp.jar so I removed ajp.jar.

When I've installed back ajp.jar, all worked fine.

Robert Jacolin

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