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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Application-specific Manager access?
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 01:26:27 GMT
Few options ...
1) Place each group in its own virtual host. Then register a manager app per 
virtual host.
2) Write a filter and add that to the manager web.xml to perform the extra 
acl needs
3) Write a perl(or pick your fav lang) wrapper that does all the ACL work 
then it calls the manager app URLS for you.


Leonard Sitongia wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm looking for ideas, conventions, or standard approaches to giving people 
> control over Tomcat Manager operations that are specific to particular 
> applications.  This could involve virtual hosts, realms, and such, but I want 
> to avoid setting up multiple servers, JVMs and such.
> I would like to set up a Tomcat server running multiple applications that are 
> being developed by particular groups.  I want to identify someone responsible 
> for each application and give them the authority to perform Manager functions 
> for their application, such as start/stop/reload.
> Tomcat has a rich set of ways of approaching this, but I haven't gotten a 
> vision of how to do this.
> Should I provide my own web pages that require authentication and provide 
> Manager URLs that are specific to the application?  Should I put the 
> applications in individual virtual hosts and provide a Manager for each one, 
> that has its own Manager authentication unique to that virtual host?  Are 
> there better ways of doing this?

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