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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Missing DataSourceRealm MBean definition
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 15:46:33 GMT
When going through the pain of setting up a DataSourceRealm and 
associated configuration, I found that I had to create my own MBean 
definition in the mbeans-descriptors.xml file. That was in version 4.1.27.

Today, I upgraded to 4.1.29 and had to go through the same procedure. 
So, that leads me to ask two questions:

1. Am I really going something wrong? I would imagine that Tomcat, which 
ships with the DataSourceRealm class, would contain the correct MBean 

2. If I'm not screwing anything up, then why doesn't Tomcat ship with 
the correct MBean definition for DataSourceRealms?

I happen to be using the 'LE' version of Tomcat, if that changes anything.


ps. I also noticed that the 'LE' version does not come with commons-dbcp 
and commons-pool libraries. I thought the 'LE' version was only 
trimmed-down for JDK 1.4 users because it did not include an XML parser 
-- which is included with the JDK, now. What gives?

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