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From Gopalakrishnan Govindakrishnan <Gopal.Govindakrish...@Sun.COM>
Subject Tomcat 4.1 -- Newbie Question
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 14:55:45 GMT

    I am fairly new to installing and configuring Tomcat. But, 4.1 
version seemed easy enough. Thanks. Now, I am not an expert on java or 
web apps, but, here's my problem.

    I have a webapp test. I want to deploy it under Tomcat 4.1. I create 
the war file with the web.xml under WEB-INF dir and all the exploded 
classes under WEB-INF/classes etc. I copied the war file to webapps dir 
under tomcat and restarted Tomcat.

    My jsp page pulls up fine, but, the servlet is not being recognized. 
Somehow, it seems to me that the web.xml is not being loaded and Tomcat 
is yelling at me saying that it cannot find the context.


    1) Why are my servlets not loaded from web.xml? I was expecting to 
see all my servlets and the context in some log file, but, I don't see it.
    2) Why is my welcome-file-list file (index.jsp) not loaded at 
context? It shows me a dir listing and I physically type in the 
contextpath/index.jsp ...

The same war file works fine under jboss ... but, I would like to deploy 
it under Tomcat ...

Any help would be appreciated ..

-- Gopal

G. Gopalakrishnan             | Life is not measured by the
Ext - 76967                   | number of breaths we take,
Phone: (303) - 272 - 6967     | but by the moments that | take our breath away.

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