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From Rodrigo Ruiz <>
Subject Re: xhtml and Internet Explorer
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 09:36:02 GMT
Well, not necessarily unreadable, just different ;-)

I usually play with the tag delimiters to allow some readability. For 
example, my JSPs usually begin with something like:

<%@page contentType="..."

  // class code


  // service code

%><!DOCTYPE ... >

And if I need to place two directives with no spaces in between, I write

    id="data" scope="request" class="my.Data"
    name="data" property="aField"

It is not as clean as a directive per line, but at least it doesn't hurt too much :-P


Marius Scurtescu wrote:

> Hi,
> Yes, I totally agree that this issue should be brought
> up with the JSP specification. I will look into that.
> Even if the suggestion is accepted it will be quite
> a while until a specification will deal with this
> issue and then even longer until there is going to
> be a Tomcat implementation supporting it. We are
> talking years I guess :-(
> For what I know the specification is not saying
> anything about this issue and if Tomcat is implementing
> it right now it will not go against the spec.
> Keeping strictly with the JSP directives (the issue
> can be extended to the JSP tags as well, but it
> gets more complicated) common sense is enough, I
> hope, to realize that whenever you add a directive
> you really don't want an empty line in your output.
> These empty lines are annoying at best (every time
> you check the source of a page generated by JSP you
> first see an empty page - quite stupid), and breaking
> your app at worst (like in the case of IE).
> The absolute best proof that there is a problem
> here that needs fixing is the fact that developers
> make their code unreadable just as a work around.
> Cheers,
> Marius
> Rodrigo Ruiz wrote:
>> Marius, I think such a feature request should not be addressed to 
>> Tomcat, but to the JSP specification itself. Remember that Tomcat is 
>> being used as the reference implementation of servlet/JSP 
>> technologies, and so it should stick to the specification.
>> Basically, as I see it, your request means a special treatment for a 
>> subset of directives in a few specific cases. I think it would imply 
>> that tags could be marked as not generating any output, so when in a 
>> single JSP line there were only such marked tags and leading / 
>> trailing spaces among them, the line itself could be omited from the 
>> output. Such a change should be made from the specification.
>> Regards,
>> Rodrigo
>> Marius Scurtescu wrote:
>>> JSP is a templating language which is using a meta
>>> language: the JSP constructs.
>>> The new line is in the JSP indeed, but is it part
>>> of the meta language or part of the literal output?
>>> I would argue that these new lines are part of the
>>> meta language and that they should not be output.
>>> You put them there so the meta language you use is
>>> readable.
>>> See how FreeMarker, another templating language,
>>> is dealing with this issue:

>>> You are not asking the directive to scan anything,
>>> the page compiler could consider white space and newlines
>>> after a directive as part of that directive.
>>> Marius
>>> Adam Hardy wrote:
>>>> On 10/30/2003 10:08 PM Marius Scurtescu wrote:
>>>>> I will consider implementing a filter to remove
>>>>> the empty lines before the <html> tag.
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