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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Setting cookie paths
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 01:56:06 GMT
Browsers only send the cookie name and value. Expiration, path, and other 
attributes are unknown since they are not sent by a browser.

But the browser stores all this information itself so it knows when to send 
the cookie. It just doesn't send everything about the cookie.


Jessica P. Hekman wrote:

> Hi all. I know it's a little obnoxious to re-send this message, but I 
> didn't get a response, and I know that this list is high-volume enough 
> that it's easy for posts to be overlooked.
> I am at a complete loss as to why, when I set a cookie under /foo/bar, I
> cannot then see it under /foo -- while Cookie.getPath() returns "null"  
> (whether I call Cookie.setPath() or not). Surely if the problem were that
> the browser doesn't return the path information, the cookie would be
> available at all paths (or no paths)?
> Thanks, 

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