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From "anorakgirl" <>
Subject Re: concurrent user threading problem
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 14:29:53 GMT
thanks all for the pointers, i will look into the hardware/os stuff, not
really something i know anything about.
it was the sun jdk, trying the ibm one was going to be the next step.
as its working now and the users are happy, i'm going to take an afternoon
off to make up for the late nights i've had on this!
thanks again,

> All,
>> phew. problem resolved!
> That's good!
>> for info, we switched the kernel on the new server to use a single
>> processor (no hyperthreading) and it is now fine.
> That's bad!
>> very strange that the problem occured though, i don't know what part
>> of the system didn't like the hyperthreading.
> Were you using IBM or Sun JDK?
> Does anyone have a mental picture of how hyperthreading is affecting the
>  VM? Not technically speaking, but epidemiologically? I mean, do JVMs
> simply not work using the hyperthreading technology, or are some having
> good luck with them?
> -chris
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