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From "John Sidney-Woollett" <>
Subject Re: JSP Editors
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2003 21:50:42 GMT
Take a look at Eclipse ( [FREE] combined with MyEclipse
( [$29.95].

Having used many IDE's, standalone editors etc, I can positively state
that this IDE will save you LOADS of time, blood sweat and tears. It is
fast, feature packed, written in java, and allows you to develop and debug
web projects easily. It supports virtually all the common J2EE servers
(including Tomcat 4 and 5). It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It
features tight cvs integration too. It rocks.

I hear IDEA is a good IDE, and I have used CodeGuide (also good) but I
switched to Eclipse after trying it out.

If you have time to experiment, try Eclipse - you won't believe how good
it is.

John Sidney-Woollett

ps I'm not in any way affiliated to Eclipse or MyEclipse!

Duncan said:
> Sorry if off topic but...
> What do people use to edit JSPs?
> I'm after an editor, free if possible, to run on windows, with syntax
> colouring and possibly auto complete for java.
> Have tried vim for windows, but it doesn't seem as nice on windows as it
> is on linux.
> Any other suggestions?
> Cheers
> Duncan Smith
> Decker Telecom Ltd

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