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From Fred Pope <>
Subject RE: JSP Editors
Date Sat, 29 Nov 2003 23:48:29 GMT
">> What do people use to edit JSPs?
>> I'm after an editor, free if possible, to run on
>with syntax 
>> colouring and possibly auto complete for java.
>> Have tried vim for windows, but it doesn't seem as
nice on 
>windows as 
>> it is on linux.

You may want to look at Eclipse.

It is a good IDE with CVS support, and debugging and a
wide range of plugins. However like most IDEs, it
falls drastically short in the task of text editing
which is what I do most of the time, and thus I still
am faster using vim. 

If you are used to Emacs, there is a good emacs plugin
for eclipse.

Good Luck. 

Fred Pope
Satcom Resources

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