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From Ivan Ivanov <>
Subject Tomcat/Apache web server communication
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2003 17:46:35 GMT
Dear colleagues,

Please help in the following situation.
We are cuurently developing a web application based on
Tomcat4.1. Thus web app allows a user to upload files
and folders in a subdirectory of its context, so that
the content of these folders be viewed or retrieved by
other users. The folders can contain static html
pages, jpgs, zip files, etc. However, a user has
uploaded some large video files, that create problems
when played through internet and place unnecessary
burden and the web app hangs or behaves badly.
As a solution, I decided to install Apache Web Server
and move these static files in Apache, so that Apache
will serve the static content. (Installation of Apache
and mod_jk2 connector is OK). 
However, the subdirectory in the webapp conext in
which reside the uploaded files and folders is a
"restricted " area. When an user wants to access a
file in it, a filter (extends javax.servlet.Filter) is
invoked and checks according to some rules if the user
has enough rights and if so gives him the requested
My question is, if I move the subdirectory with the
uploaded files in Apache Web Server, how should I
configure Apache so that it can be reached only from
Tomcat and only when the filter permits?

In short if we have 
1) the url of ourwebapp is
2)the directory with uploaded stuff is uploaddir and
is accessed by
3) every time a user tries to access
the filter checks his rights,
and we move uploaddir and its contents in Apache, how
should I set up Apache and eventually the filter?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Kind Regards Ivan Ivanov

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