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From Rob Harrington <>
Subject auto (re)deploy for war files which need to be expanded
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 21:42:01 GMT
T4127, SunOS, release 5.7

Short version:  I want to be able to deploy my .war
file into webapps and have it be autodetected,
expanded, and used without having to restart Tomcat. 
I need it to be expanded.  I want to avoid restarting
Tomcat as this may (adversely) affect other running
apps.  I have autoDeploy="true" as a HOST attribute in

Long version:  Currently to re-deploy my app, I delete
the expanded directory, and place a new .war file in
webapps, then restart Tomcat.  The .war file is
detected, expanded, and deployed (works) upon a
restart of Tomcat.

The Windows version WILL detect and expand a new .war
file, but not if there's an existing expanded
directory.  You can't delete the directory without
stopping Tomcat.  You can on SunOS, but the new .war
file is not autodetected/deployed on SunOS.  So
different steps, same problem - need to restart Tomcat
to deploy a new version of my app.

I really want this to work in the SunOS version as
that is where there are other webapps running which I
don't want to disturb.

Is it possible?


Rob H.

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