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From Ben Souther <>
Subject Re: auto (re)deploy for war files which need to be expanded
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 22:00:27 GMT
Autodeploy only works when you restart tomcat.
Have you looked at the Tomcat Manager app?
It allows you to deploy/un-deploy right from a browser.

You could also write an ANT script to do this.

On Wednesday 26 November 2003 04:42 pm, Rob Harrington wrote:
> T4127, SunOS, release 5.7
> Short version:  I want to be able to deploy my .war
> file into webapps and have it be autodetected,
> expanded, and used without having to restart Tomcat.
> I need it to be expanded.  I want to avoid restarting
> Tomcat as this may (adversely) affect other running
> apps.  I have autoDeploy="true" as a HOST attribute in
> server.xml.
> Long version:  Currently to re-deploy my app, I delete
> the expanded directory, and place a new .war file in
> webapps, then restart Tomcat.  The .war file is
> detected, expanded, and deployed (works) upon a
> restart of Tomcat.
> The Windows version WILL detect and expand a new .war
> file, but not if there's an existing expanded
> directory.  You can't delete the directory without
> stopping Tomcat.  You can on SunOS, but the new .war
> file is not autodetected/deployed on SunOS.  So
> different steps, same problem - need to restart Tomcat
> to deploy a new version of my app.
> I really want this to work in the SunOS version as
> that is where there are other webapps running which I
> don't want to disturb.
> Is it possible?
> TIA,
> Rob H.
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