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From S R <>
Subject Tomcat 4.1.27/IE 6.0 Lockup
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 19:01:28 GMT

My application can run for weeks or minutes before the
user experiences a browser lockup – this can be when
navigating between jsp’s in my application or mostly
when a javascript popup window is invoked to view some
other application data.

The intranet system displays dhtml-rich realtime
variables in the browser webpage, using an applet to
retrieve data periodically from a jsp. The data is
pushed into the page using javascript/liveconnect to
provide dynamic updates – and everything seems ok, no
browser memory leaks or excessive CPU usage and the
server seems healthy (no out of the ordinary CPU or
memory usage), however the lockup still happens.

Are there any thread issues between TC & IE? Is there
any tuning I can perform to TC?

My architecture:
Tomcat 4.1.27 (Standalone, running as a service)
JDK 1.3.1_09
MYSQL 3.23.52
Windows 2K SP4
IE 6.0.2800.1106 (SP1;Q824145;Q330994)
Typical number of concurrent users < 5.

Some servlets are multithreaded, in that they
implement Runnable and create a thread to run
continuously until shut down to provide various
application functionality  -  acquiring data from 3rd
party applications, performing housekeeping duties
etc. Thread.sleep() is used to stop the threads
hogging CPU. Generally, server context variables are
used to pass data to the JSPs for presenting to the

Help or ideas for diagnosing the problem further are
much appreciated.


Steve Russell

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