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From satou hotmail <>
Subject Re: RedHat 9 & tomcat
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 06:12:17 GMT

> Hello All,
> Today I tired to port my application which was running fine on Redhat 8 
> to redhat 9. My Application
> spawns multiple threads. What I found interesting was thread were not 
> behaving as they were supposed to.
> I am not sure do I have to do anything special about RedHat 9? Please 
> let me know if some one have any clue.
> santos

RedHat9 is not considered that thread is process.
But RedHat8 and RedHat7.x is thread is process.

If you perform  "ps -m ",Your problem will be solved.

This issue(Redhat7-8)

Diasuke Sato

satou hotmail <>

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