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From vim m <>
Subject multiple web applications on tomcat
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 02:55:38 GMT
Hi: I have a web application deployed on tomcat/apache
which is working well. I have been working on another
application using 'ant install' and 'ant
reload/remove' for testing purposes. Now I want to
deploy the second application on tomcat using 'ant
all' and 'ant dist'. When I put the war file of the
second application under the webapps directory and
restart tomcat, tomcat does not open the archive and
create the folder for the second application. 
I have removed app2 using 'ant remove'. But everytime
i shutdown and start tomcat, app2 seems to exist since
if i execute 'ant remove' again, it displays the
message that the application is removed. 
Any help is appreciated. I am running apache2.0.44 and
tomcat 4.1.18 on RH7.2

Thanks so much.

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