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From Frank Epistone <>
Subject mod_jk2, virtual hosts
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 19:28:12 GMT
Hi everybody,

I'm experiencing some strange problems with mod_jk2
Apache Tomcat 4.1.27 with Apache 2.0.47 as web server.

I have serveral virtual hosts defined, each one with a

diferent JSP directory: -> /home/www/htdocs/demo  -> /home/www/htdocs/www

I've also configured server.xml file with one Engine,
and two Hosts with a Context for each one. appBase for
each Host
is /home/www/htdocs and docBase for each Context is
corresponding directory (demo or www). Each Host has
name attribute set as one of the domain names and an
entry for the other TLD (com/org)

Everything works great, Apache serves the non-JSP
content and
Tomcat sends JSP and Servlet results fine. But
requesting returns a 404 as Tomcat
to serve /home/www/htdocs/demo/sample.jsp, which does
not exist. 

Has anybody found this issue and solved it? I'm afraid
there is
something wrong with my config files, but I've double
checked, httpd.conf and server.xml and
is fine. All configuration is mostly based on "jk2
virtual host HOWTO"



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