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From "Javier" <>
Subject Re[4]: Virtual host and app
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 18:17:01 GMT
On 03/11/2003 at 17:56 Dominique Batard wrote:

>Having deployed your app under webapps (you shouldn't with virtual hosts)
>you can also access it within localhost :
>http://localhost:8080/PruebaJavier/ (this is possible only because you've
>used the webapps absolute URL in appBase)
>If you want a pjkt virtual Host and a PruebaJavier Context :
><Host name="pjkt" debug="0" appBase="C:\Program Files\Apache Software
>Foundation\Tomcat 5.0\webapps\PruebaJavier" unpackWARs="true"
>   <Context path="/PruebaJavier" reloadable="true" docBase="." />

Ok, worked !

The only thing nobody answer is: which is the equivalent setting for Apache
DirectoryIndex ?

I mean that if the user write in url just http://pjkt:8080 I want to have
configured a default servlet to show (as is index.php in my php

Thanks in advance


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