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From Sriram N <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Problem
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 02:18:13 GMT

Please post queries related to Tomcat's usage to the Tomcat-user mailing list.
You will have a bigger audience there to help you get started with Tomcat.

1. Have you read the application developer's guide ?
It is also installed along with the tomcat that you are running as part of the
tomcat documentation, accessible via http://localhost:8080/

Read this doc, and you will learn exactly where to place classes (e.g. not in
the bin folder).

2. To get started quickly, I suggest you make a copy of the examples webapps,
and start adding jsps there.

3. Does your bean belong to some package ? e.g.

4. Upper/lower case matters. Are you typing the class name in the correct case

Post a snippet of how you are trying to include the Bean. 

-- Sriram

--- ganeshprabhup <> wrote:
> I am a java professsional new to Tomcat and JSP. I downloaded and installed
> successfully Jakarta-Tomcat 4.1.27. While I tried to run a jsp accessing a
> javabean, it gave an error saying 'Unable to compile class for JSP'. It was
> not able to locate the bean class. I put the bean class in all the 'classes'
> directries. I also created the jar file of the bean and put it in all the
> available 'bin' directories. Still the problem persisted. Please suggest a
> solution. Do I need to add any path or classpath in my environment? If so
> please show me how to write it.
> Thanks
> Ganesh Prabhu
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