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From "Vaneet Sharma" <>
Subject RE: Designing Systems Help!
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 09:03:36 GMT
Thank you very much
 I will definately have a look at it.

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	From: Goehring, Chuck Mr., RCI - San Diego [] 
	Sent: Thu 20/11/2003 19:15 
	To: Tomcat Users List 
	Subject: RE: Designing Systems Help!

	There are a ton of open source projects at  There is a keyword search
capably to find existing projects.  Check the "Development Status" and other project attributes
to see if a project meets your objectives.  Don't know if there is a Document Management system,
but you might find a framework or taglib that will cover some of the pieces.
	And of course Jakarta has many framework and components libraries for doing various things.
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	From: Vaneet Sharma []
	Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 1:19 AM
	To: Tomcat Users List
	Subject: Designing Systems Help!
	Hi all.
	. Currently i am designing a document management system. According to the architecture proposed,
it will be a three - tier architecture. (web based)I am looking forward to use J2EE ..  i
will be using Tomcat to run it.
	 What i need to know is ? Is there any open source project for "Document and Knowledge Management
Systems". (Basically versioning the files and searching, storing, and other features). I think
i can use good ready made reusable objects in my design.? Where can i get an idea .. on how
to desing a good document management system.  I want the business rules to lie in an XML file
so that the inteface , database and coding need not be changed. Lets say, if my company wants
to add some features on the interface , then they can specify in XML file and whole system
can be reflected.
	                                                                             I would appreciate
very much any help on this subject.
	 My research work has led me to Adaptive Reflective Systems. But still, as there are lot
of industry experts, i would like to have a feedback.
	       Kind Regards to all
	    Yours Vaneet
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	        From: Shapira, Yoav []
	        Sent: Wed 19/11/2003 14:25
	        To: Tomcat Users List
	        Subject: RE: Tomcat & OpenJMS Design Pattern?
	        I've used and use OpenJMS with tomcat all the time, including in several
	        production systems.
	        What are you looking for specifically?  A document?  Code that sends
	        messages to an OpenJMS queue/topic, received from an OpenJMS
	        queue/topic, all of the above?
	        I've actually gone from using tomcat's JNDI support to specifying the
	        JMS connection parameters in an app-specific configuration file and
	        creating the JMS objects myself.  But I had it working via tomcat's JNDI
	        before as well.
	        Yoav Shapira
	        Millennium ChemInformatics
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	        >From: Gavin, Rick []
	        >Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 6:25 PM
	        >To: Tomcat Users List
	        >Subject: Tomcat & OpenJMS Design Pattern?
	        >Hi All,
	        >  Just wondering if any could post a working design pattern for using
	        >openJMS or another open
	        >JMS engine with tomcat, preferably a model using asynchronous queue
	        >handling.  I
	        >figured someone around here has done it and I would rather use a tried
	        >true model.
	        >Looking for some basics about best intregration method, and or for
	        >with async message
	        >I currently have openJMS setup using persistent Database storage, using
	        >content lookup to
	        >Get the JMS connection factory, is this better looked up once and bound
	        >servlet context as an
	        >Application scope variable, etc, etc?
	        >Thanks for you any help,
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